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Summer in Le Marche

The Summer months are warm and sunny, with very few rainy days. Usually the rain comes in a brief storm at the end of a hot day and it is fantastic to watch the lightening over the mountains and the unusual cloud formations. We find it a little cooler here than on the coast and certainly less humid, with a slight breeze from the Sibillini Mountains. Usual Summer temperatures in July and August range from 32oC - 42oC and the evenings are cooler and fresher.


The Summer is festival time in Le Marche and events occur nearly every day. The Templer Festival in Castignano is stunning with plays, fire-eaters, musicians and market stalls around every corner. With the town converted to a scene from Medieval times, you graze on Medieval food and drink the delicious wine at many of the street stalls. Find out how paper was made, see pots being thrown and play the fun games of the times.


The Sarnano Festival will amaze you as stiltwalkers dance on the old cobble streets amonst fireworks, music and light. It is just magical!


Not to be missed is the Quintana in Ascoli Piceno on the first Sunday in August. With a colourful mix of costumes, flag-throwers, drummers, horses, falcons and musicians, the procession which preceeds the jousting tournament is amazing. Starting in the main piazza and carring on through the streets of Ascoli, this festival which dates from the 9th Century is certainly worth a visit!

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Our nearby Abbey di San Ruffino

The Beach at Grottamare

The Sarnano Palio

Stunning Conero National Park

Canestrale in Amandola

Colourful Stilt Play at Sarnano

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