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About Our Beautiful Amandola Area



Flights to Ancona or Pescara (our nearest airports) from the U.K  and we can arrange to pick you up from the airport (for an extra charge), or have your rental car waiting for you when you land.


Our next nearest airports are Rimini, Rome and Bologna (Forli), all served by Ryanair. Our rentals do not necessarily run from Saturday to Saturday - we will be flexible wherever possible to suit your needs, so please email us for availability.


The Hideaway is located in a beautiful valley in Villa Conti, a little village between Amandola (6 miles) & Comunanza (2 miles) in Le Marche.


The attractive spa town of Sarnano is only 15 miles away & we are ideally situated for both the ski resorts at Sassotetto & the beaches of the Adriatic (both within a 40 minute drive).


Our nearby town of Amandola has a beautifully porticoed main square where you can sit outside one of the cafes & enjoy a coffee before wandering up through the old town's cobbled streets to view the stunning Monte Sibillini.

Nothing can be more beautiful, whatever the season, from the crisp snow in the winter  to the Sibillini National Park with its carpet of Spring flowers. The sandy  beaches of Grottammare & San Benedetto are inviting in the Summer & the Gola dell’Infernaccio makes a stunning Autumn ramble.


The Monti Sibillini National Park covers nearly 2 million acres with some of the highest mountains in the Appennines, (Monte Vettore being the highest at 2,476m). The park offers walks of all levels to some of the most delightful yet least discovered areas in the whole of Italy.

Ancient hilltop villages are perched upon craggy cliffs waiting to be explored, deep gorges with icy waterfalls, wild flowers of every possible colour and wildlife all around.

So, if you are looking for a tranquil place full of legends and history, where by day you are surrounded by beautiful scenery and eagles circle overhead and by night the fire flies dance in the darkness of a warm summer evening, well look no further -  Welcome to Le Marche.

From the huge expanse of the Piano Grande, a vast natural plain surrounded by mountains  to the Gola di Infernatio with it's stunning waterfalls and sheer rock faces, to the high mountain lake Lago di Pilato, where according to legend Pilate's body was dumped.


Legend tells us how Pontius Pilate, whilst awaiting execution, asked that fate decided his final resting place. His corpse was sent unescorted from the gates of Rome on a wagon. The oxen made their way to the Sibilline Mountains, straight up to the lake, where they dived in and disappeared. Small rare shrimps turn the lake pink in the summer months - some say it represents the blood of Pilate!

a & r pilots lake 2
wild roses sibillini mountains
a & r pilots lake

Routes Include.....


London Stanstead to Ancona

(1 hr 30 m to The Hideaway)

London Stanstead to Pescara

(1 hr 20 m)

London Stanstead to Rome

(2 hrs 30 m)

Nottingham EMA to Rome

(2 hrs 30 m)

Dusseldorf to Ancona

(1 hr 30 m)

Liverpool to Rome  

(2 hrs 30 m)

Frankfurt to Pescara

(1 hr 20m)

Rail and Ferry Links.....

From Northern Europe there excellent rail links, including the fast overnight trains and car trains. Our nearest port at Ancona has routes to Croatia and Greece. (Did you know Ancona was founded in around 390 BC. Its name is a modified translation of the Greek word for "elbow". Originally, the harbor to the east of the town was protected only by the promontory on the north, shaped like an elbow)!

The view from just down the road

Amandola in the Snow


Monte Conero


Stunning Poppy Fields at Castelluccio

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