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Amandola's Many Festivals


"Fregnaccia" Festival July

The beer festival is an opportunity to taste a variety of quality beers whilst being entertained by musical rock performances. The ‘Sagra della Fregnaccia’ which concludes the festive period, celebrates a traditional farmers’ dish consisting of layers of egg pasta with a rich meat and tomato sauce or with "pecorino" (goat cheese) and black pepper.


"Carnevale de li Paniccià"  February

In the historical center of Amandola, at 3 pm, the 18th edition of the famous ‘Carnevale de li Paniccià' is held, that traditionally takes place on Carnival Sundays. The event takes its name from "panniccià", an ancient Italian epithet standing for ‘dyer’, since the people from Amandola were famous in the past for being cloths’ ‘dyers’, especially of woollen fabrics and cloths. That day, they are all competitors: all the residents in the surrounding mountain area of the Sibillini mountains gather in the square of the Old Railway Station and walk around the historic centre in a grandiose parade of masked groups and allegorical fleet. At the end of the event the most original, creative and clever masked group will be awarded by authorities. The demonstration culminates then in the evening, with a lottery drawing, musical bands playing and the final big fire of "King Carnival" in Piazza Risorgimento. Infos: 0736/848706 or


Epiphany Celebrations 6 January

“Befane” (disguised old ladies bringing gifts to children on 6th of January) come down through the fireplace, in Piazza Risorgimento.


Festa della Madonna della Pace August

Celebrations for the Virgin of Peace, with exhibition of the mountain choir "La Ginestra".


Festa della Parrocchia di Santa Maria alla Meta September

Celebrations in the Santa Maria alla Meta parish, in Frazione Taccarelli.


Festa e Fiera di San Ruffino August

Celebrations and market around the famous and beautiful XIth century Abbey of Saints Ruffino and Vitale, today commonly named of "San Ruffino".


Procession of the "Canestrelle"  August

Parade of people dressed in historic costumes in honour to the Blessed Anthony of the Wheat. The procession is marked above all by the “Canestrelle”, young women in country costume that make offers bringing small baskets (that is the ‘canestrelle’), filled with blond wheat and little crops from the sunny fields. It is almost a pagan rite, that reminds of the importance of earth and country roots for those areas, together with the respect of Nature and the sharing of Mother Earth’s wealth, that must be 'socialized' through a full communication between the members of the whole society and the divinity. The young woman is a bearer of life, and therefore an emissary to the Saint from the whole community.


Diamonds on the Table Truffle Festival  November

It’s a show-market of the white truffle and the typical products of the area, which is already very well known, by now, outside of the local area. It is also an excellent occasion to purchase the perfumed jewels directly from the producers. A display of the White Truffle is also organized. Info: Town hall 0736/84071.


Canestralle 2
stiltplay sarnano

Canestrelle, August

Dancing at theCanestrelle, August

Jousting at the Palio Sarnano

The Amazing Stilt Play Sarnano

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